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Car Dealer Gatineau

I was looking to buy a new car. The car I had was on its last leg and needed several repairs to get it running right. I didn’t want to put a bunch of money into a car that may or may not last another month. I really didn’t want to get into a car payment, but I wasn’t going to have any other option.

I was talking to a friend of mine about my car troubles and telling them I was going to have to get a new car. They told me where they found their car at and the car dealer Gatineau they bought it from. They told me I should check there because they had great deals on both new and used cars.

The next day I decided to go car shopping and went to the car dealer Gatineau has that my friend recommended. I walked around their lot looking at the cars they had for sale to see what my options were. I wanted to make sure I got something that had reasonable payments and that they would take my old car in on a trade. A salesman approached me and I told them what I wanted and what I had to trade. They showed me some of the cars that were within my price range and would also last for awhile. They also said they would be able to work out something with the car I had to trade.

After looking around at the cars, I told the salesman I wanted to think about it overnight before I decided what I wanted to do. I found a really nice car that was a little out of my price range, but I knew I would be able to make the payments on it.

The next day I went back to the dealership with my car to trade and told the salesman I wanted the car that was a little more expensive. He got all my paperwork done for me and submitted my information to see if I could get a loan for the amount of the car. Within minutes I was approved with a bank and I was able to drive my new car out of there that same day. I love the new car I bought and I am happy I chose to get it.

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