Want To Write For Us?

The blog we have is accepting for guest blog writers. If you have already visited our website, you’ll see we’re in the business niche and we value related fresh contents posted in our blog. If you have to have a website of similar niche such as us and you wished publicity of your web page, we can both benefit so contact us now for us to discuss information.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics

Affiliate marketing
HR, social media
Small business technology
Customer service
Women business concerns
Health care reform
Business Ideas
Buying/Selling websites
Driving traffic to websites
Search engine optimization
Creating awesome websites
Blog design features and functionality
Creating information & digital products
Making money from websites, blogs & forums
Web Designing and Development


One of the efficient means of enhancing your traffic is guest blogging. Your site can achieve more audience if you post well written contents on other blog sites. The owner of the blog where you published your content can have his audience view your site, resulting for additional traffic. There’s another source of traffic, that’s by posting the content in the social media. The search engines love it when sites link to each other too, so acquiring more links from sites such as this one will offer you a boost in the search engines and aid you drive more organic traffic. It is important to submit content to blogs that are on a similar topic to your own site though. Both of the blog sites and your sites must have similar niches covered. Example, if your website is in the business niche, then the blog must also be in similar niche. Search engine may not like your site if you post contents not relevant to your site. Example, a real estate website has nothing to do with you niche. There is a choice in the submission. You can include images or videos in the content you posted. This is all great content for the search engines and will make your guest publish far more successful.


You may either write the guest blog content yourself, or ask somebody to create content for you so that you’re just publishing the guest blog to those sites like this one that are for people to write for us. Good quality low cost content can be bought from somewhere like I Need Articles for only a few dollars.


You may request our guest blogging  rules by simply calling us. Once your application is approved, you can begin to contribute straight away. The word count of the articles must be 750 and it must be of high-quality or else we’ll deny it. If you pass our qualification as guest author and you want to be shown, just tell us.