4 Fast Facts About The ESTA

Are you going to be visiting the United States at some point in the future? If so, then the chances are you’ll need to apply for an ESTA. Before you do anything, we’ve put together a list of four fast facts about this visa. These facts include:

First, the visa is required if you are going to arrive in America via air or sea. If travelling by land, then you don’t have to apply for one. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to double-check to ensure you do not need one, even if you are arriving in the USA via land.

Second, you can apply for the visa over the internet. This eliminates the need to having to go somewhere to put in a physical application. Applying online is fast and easy, as you only need to provide some basic info about yourself and any others who will be travelling with you to the USA.

Third, you will have to pay money in order to obtain the visa. You pay the fee when you submit the application, and the fee is for each person. For example, if there are five people in your application, then you’ll pay the fee five times. As of now, it costs $14 per application/person, so plan to pay the appropriate amount at the time you are ready to submit the application.

Fourth, it’s a good idea to apply for the visa as soon as possible. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take long to hear back. Nonetheless, you don’t want to leave it too long.

Those are four fast facts about the ESTA. Feel free to apply for it today or do additional research on it if you still want to learn more. Generally speaking, obtaining this visa is easy and the process is straightforward and doesn’t take long to complete.

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